Nordic Environment WIP - 2 - Huge Update

General / 28 March 2019

Hey everybody.

So things have changed up quite a bit since my last update. I felt like I was fiddling too much with the old layout of the scene and far too many parts of it were cramped and uninspired. I wanted to create an area I could tell a story in and that wasn't giving me much room. So I went back to the drawing board and decided a complete redo was in order. 

Looking through my reference, I noticed a common theme of vast scale, powerful but simple forms that cut a fantastic silhouette, really drawing the eye in to the major elements within the scene. So from that I built a new block out, and I'm finally ready to get down to the props and very quickly the actual modelling of the scene. I feel far happier about this iteration and I'm excited to move forward now.